COVID-19 News

Even though we have started the roll out of the vaccine process in our country, state and Community, COVID-19 is and will be an on-going concern throughout this year.  We were informed that one of our employees tested positive for the virus.  This employee had tested negative in previous random testing that we have been doing but was tested again after being exposed to a positive individual outside of work. The health department has asked us to start testing all residents and staff again, and if we have no further positives over the next two weeks, we will return to our outbreak free status.

Testing & Visitation Update

We did our latest round of mass testing on December 16, and we are happy to announce that all staff and all residents tested negative for the virus.
As a result, the health department has approved us, effective 12/21/2020, to begin: Visitation with certain restrictions; and Group activities and scenic drives – engaging in social distancing and wearing masks…

COVID-19 Virus Update

As I am sure many of you are aware, the country is experiencing another increase in reported COVID cases.  We have just learned that one of our residents and one of our staff members have recently tested positive for COVID.  Currently, the resident is receiving care outside of the facility, and the staff member is quarantining at home.