COVID-19 News

February 4, 2021


Residents, Families and Partners:


Even though we have started the roll out of the vaccine process in our country, state and Community, COVID-19 is and will be an on-going concern throughout this year.  We were informed that one of our employees tested positive for the virus.  This employee had tested negative in previous random testing that we have been doing but was tested again after being exposed to a positive individual outside of work.

This staff member is currently quarantining at home and their return-to-work date will be determined following local health department and CDC guidance.

The health department has asked us to start testing all residents and staff again, and if we have no further positives over the next two weeks, we will return to our outbreak free status.  Our first mass testing takes place today (2/4/2021).  As we did before, we immediately informed residents and staff members.  Residents’ responsible parties and residents’ primary healthcare providers with individual results and discuss any necessary next steps.  We will also provide a general update on the results of these tests.

We will be continuing outdoor visitation and residents will not be required to quarantine in their rooms.  However, we still encourage residents (and ask families to encourage residents) to:

  • Wear masks when outside of their rooms;
  • Practice good hand hygiene and
  • Engage in social distancing when outside of their rooms.

Out of an abundance of caution, we will be suspending group activities and scenic drives during this two-week period as well.

As is usual, outside of the COVID test results, we continue to monitor resident’s health status, and we will notify residents’ primary physicians and designated family members of any changes in their loved one’s condition, whether potentially related to COVID-19 or not.

Please reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for assistance.



Joanna Enriquez, Executive Director